Chimney cleaning is not for the faint of heart and is not recommended for amateurs. For instance, there are safety considerations to take into account, ranging from rooftop tasks to smoke-inhalation issues, not to mention the special equipment that you need. Our specialists provide all services with the utmost concern for health and safety.


Our technician will remove all debris, creosote, animals and nests, which could potentially result in a fire hazard or health hazard from carbon monoxide. We use the most up-to-date equipment to provide you with the most professional cleaning service without any mess. When creosote is left unattended, it builds up in the chimney and when it ignites it results in destructive residential fires. In case your fireplace is used periodically, then annual chimney cleaning can do the trick. However, if you often use the fireplace and chimney you will need professional service several times in a year. Having a clean fireplace is more about the unseen components making it more significant than eliminating visible debris. Although some people may attempt the task, in most cases chimney cleaning is better executed by our hired professionals. To wrap things up, an inspection and evaluation of the chimney’s safety and condition will be provided on a written report.

We provide the following services for you:


  • Clean and Inspect Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Furnace Flues Cleaned
  • Bird, Smoke, Damper and Odor Problems Cured
  • Multi-Flue Rates
  • Fire Box Repairs
  • Chimney Caps and Screens Installed
  • Chimney Chase Covers
  • Dryer Vents Cleaned
  • Air Duct Cleaning

custom chimney coverCLEAN AND INSPECT

  • Fireplace and Chimney Flues
  • Furnace Flues
  • Hot Water Heater Flues
  • Woodstoves
  • Dryer Vents
  • Air Ducts


We remove all lint build up that could cause carbon monoxide and to help prevent the possibility of a fire hazard. Cleaning the lint trap in the dryer is an essential practice. Clogged dryer vents not only cause inefficient operation of your appliances, but also create safety risk in form of potential fires. Don’t allow your dryer to become a fire hazard because of lack of regular and proper cleaning by contacting us for professional service.


  • Chimney Covers
  • Screens/Spark Arresters
  • Rain/Animal Guards
  • Chimney Case Covers
  • Fireplace Dampers
  • Firebox Repairs
  • Dryer Vents

Our chimney covers prevent animals from entering your home through the chimney and the covers are available in different shapes and sizes. Spark arresters are useful in preventing flammable debris from escaping and initiating fires. We repair firebox area that is damaged as a result of high temperatures and water that infiltrates and damages the brick and mortar joints.


Multi-Flue Rates
Senior Citizen Discount
Military Discount
By mentioning this website, you are eligible to receive $10 off chimney cleaning or repair, or even $25 off air duct cleaning.